Donate to our PTA's Dragon Fund

Donations are completely voluntary. If you are able, please consider donating today! We thank you for your generosity. 


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Ladera STARS Academy PTA relies mostly on fundraising and donations to support our awesome school and all of its kids and teachers! These funds allow our PTA to;


    - Help fund Ladera’s specialist personnel & programs such as art, music, PE, technology, garden, makerspace, (and more) so that we can make sure our students have these resources and programs as a part of their school experience. Where ever we see a need the school can't fund itself, that's where we help!


    - Assist in keeping our school the best it can be for our kids by helping to fund playground equipment, school supplies and/or upgrades, and beautification projects when need.


    - Allows us to continue to sponsor school assemblies, field trips, and other awesome educational opportunities so that our kids can have every resource they can to maximize their potential and shoot for the stars!


A contribution averaging $120/student (that's just $12/month!) will ensure that we meet our fundraising goal. We thank you in advance!


Click on the register/login button below to get started! Once logged in, it will take you to your "PTA Store & Online Forms" page. Once there as long as you have entered in your contact info it will show you the 2023-24 PTA order form under packets. Click on it to make your donation to the Ladera STARS PTA as well as allow you to purchase other PTA items if wanted. 



Important Reminders:

    - Corporate matches are always welcome and a great way to increase your donation!


    - Want to donate by paper form? Click button below to download, print off, and send into school




Ladera STARS Academy PTA is recognized as a non-profit organization per IRS Code 501(c)(3). Our tax identification number is 95-6205010. If you make a donation, this will be outlined on your receipt. Thanks again for your donation!


Non-Monetary Ways to Help / Donate 

    - New book donations are welcome for the library and classrooms. At Book Fair, teachers can request book donations they would like in their classrooms. Extra and gently used books that Ladera receives are also donated to local community charities.


    - Technology products such as flat-screen monitors in good working condition are another donation the school can put to use. Become a "Technology Sponsor."


    - Recycle empty juice pouches, Lunchables kits, chip bags, energy bar wrappers and empty gum packages which are collected on campus. Our school will receive 2¢ per item!


    - Ladera can recycle your used printer cartridges and old cell phones for money or office store credit, which we can use for supplies. Just drop off your items at the school office.


For information on any of these opportunities, please contact our school office at 492-3565

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