Blue, yellow, blue stars saying " Be your child's biggest STAR, join the PTA today"

The PTA is you, me, all of us coming together for our kids!


We encourage all our dragon families to use their voice at all times, membership or not. That being said, the more members we have, the better we are able to reflect the WHOLE of our community! 


Membership is required to vote on PTA business and to serve on the PTA committees and board, as well as to access the Membership Toolkit directory. With membership to Ladera STARS PTA, you also gain access to perks with California state PTA and the National PTA (see below for more info). 


PTA membership is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, student, educator, business leader, or community member. Purchasing membership is voluntary, costs just $10 per person, and lasts for the whole school year!


Click button below to get started! Once logged in, it will take you to your "PTA Store & Online Forms" page. Once there as long as you have entered in your contact info it will show you the 2024-25 PTA order form under packets. Click on it to purchase your membership and other PTA items. 






Rather Join PTA / purchase membership via paper form? Click button bellow to download our PTA order form, print off, and send into school.


Button to view paper PTA order form



Membership Card and Perks


When you purchase your PTA membership for the year, you are entitled to perks on both the state and national level. In order to use these perks you need a membership card. Once you purchase a membership, we will send you cards for as many memberships that are ordered. If you don’t receive a membership card and need one, please contact our membership chair, XXX XXX at 


 Click to see California state PTA membership perks


 Click to see National PTA membership benefits




  • If I join, do I have to go to the meetings?
    • No. Attending meetings is completely optional. It’s a great way to get more in-depth information about our school and the different projects the PTA is involved with, as well as, allow you to vote but it is not mandatory in any way. 
  • If I join, do I have to volunteer?
    • No. We always love helping hands and encourage people to volunteer if and where they can. It’s a great way to meet other parents and build a sense of school community. That being said, life is busy and not everyone can or wants to volunteer and that’s ok!
  • Where does the $10 I pay per membership go?
    • That’s great you ask! As a PTA, we have an obligation to pass on a certain amount of the membership fee to the higher channels of the PTA organization we fall under. Currently with a $10 membership fee our PTA nets $5 as seen below. The rest is passed up channels so that PTA can continue to advocate on behalf of ALL of our children. The more PTA memberships there are, the stronger our collective PTA voice is at the state and national levels. It also allows all of PTA to continue to make sure local PTAs (such as us) are well supported and educated

          Ladera STARS Academy PTA receives: $5.00

                                        Conejo Council receives: $0.25

                                    12th District PTA receives: $0.50

                              California State PTA receives: $2.00

                                           National PTA receives: $2.25


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